Software Development Lifecycle
Oasis project life cycle can be grouped into four phases including:
Project Start-up
Business Prototype & Requirements
Analysis and Design
Post Implementation Support
Project Completion.
Software Development Lifecycle
Oasis is focused on ensuring that all projects meet our customer’s requirements and expectations. The following three aspects of our project methodology have been proved to guarantee the successful delivery in our three years Software development practice:
Code Quality Assurance
We have a repeatable, effective software development process and a well-proven testing methodology based upon CMM level 3 ensures the high quality of code and successful delivery to our global clients. Also we have a complete set of internal code review and functions walkthrough policy which contains co-worker review, peer review, cross walkthrough, and group walkthrough to ensure the code quality.
Schedule Assurance
To ensure projects are delivered on time we have developed a policy that is aimed to provide adequate visibility into actual progress and manage associated deviations from the schedules. Every week Oasis will release a project status report and a plan for the following week. This provides your project manager with a weekly control point for schedule management.
Budget Control
We recognize our quotation process is critical to ensuring overall project success. Our weekly work reports will detail clearly how the project is tracking against the agreed budget. Any defect fixes during the 3 month warranty period are free of charge. Also, we have well-defined roles and responsibilities to ensure the pipelined developing lifecycle and reduce the cost